How beautiful it is to have a photo like these to remember your wedding day! After all, humor is essential for a successful wedding (and living)!

Melody Hames, a UK based horse clipper, creates stunning hair designs on horses for her clients. So beautiful!

A temporary but stunning form or art that you can apply on your body! Impressive and mysterious!

Amazing artists that try to infuse beauty to our everyday urban environment!

Totally adorable babies that will definately make you smile!

He is not only a part of movie history, but of human history as one of the most creative and unique artists ever. In this special you will find some of the most emblematic photos of Alfred Hitchcock and also a video documentary about his life.

Great photos where time plays an important role. 

John Poppleton, a creative artist located in Utah, USA, is a UV ''Black Light'' body painter specializing in scenes from nature as well as outer space. Using paint brushes, airbrush and fluorescent materials the scenes are painted directly on the model's skin and photographed under black light. You can find more at his official website.

Great ideas to reuse old objects and create new, valuable things! Such an inpsiring gallery!

Some artists can create masterpieces even if their canvas is as small as a human nail! 

Sleeping with the city lights or under the stars... Watching the sea or the mountains... Some bedrooms are simply gorgeous!

Your love sends me to the top of world! Amazing photos of loving and adventurous couples!

NEVER miss a chance to dance!

This creative costume designer from Spain designs handmade scarves with realistic and beautiful butterfly wing prints! You can find more here.

This creative couple created the amazing #FollowMeTo Instagram project where the wife is leading her husband (who is a photographer) all around the world! Enjoy some of their best photos!

Some people can create amazing works of art by simply using rocks! So many creative minds in our little planet!