Those amazing bridges are made entirely from the roots of the Ficus elastica tree. Locals have guided roots and vines accross rivers, a process that sometimes needs 10 to 15 years for a bridge to become fully functional!

Several creative ideas to create earrings, necklaces and other accessories from old things!

This area in Siberia is the coldest inhabitated place on Earth!

Great designs for tree tattoos made with henna!

This island belongs to Brazil and is called "Ilha da Queimada Grande". It has so many dangerous snakes everywhere that it is not allowed for tourists to visit it!

This artist from UK  creates entire worlds made from food, fruits and vegetables! You can see more at his official website.

This extraordinary cave with huge natural crystals is one of the most amazing places of our planet!

Awesome photos of girls flipping their hair in the water. Perfectly synchronized with their skilled photographers! Do you have the hair that it needs?

Sehnaz is an amazing artist that collects stones from the shore of the Adriatic Sea and then decorates them love and passion. Each creation is originally drawn and then painted with acrylic colors. You can find more at her Facebook page.

Brilliant ideas to help you save space and improve your everyday life!

Architects Jin Choi and Thomas Shine want to transform how utility structures are built. Their “Land of Giants™” design, proposed a few years ago, sees electrical pylons as human-shaped statues decorating the Icelandic countryside!

Really cool ideas to upcycle your old keyboard and turn it into gorgeous accessories like earrings, key holders and many more!

A series of animated gifs that will blow your mind!

Cool photo ideas for best friends!

One of the most beautiful places you can ever be! 

This artist from Poland is one of the best aerial photographers in the world. Take a look at his works below to see for yourself! You can find more at his official website.

It is just unbelievable what creative people can do with their hands and imagination!

The jewels of the forest in unique and awesome photos!