Being a Mermaid by profession!

Mermaid Thalia is South Africa's first professional mermaid! She has a couple of great pics and some magic for us!

We asked Thalia to send us a few words about herself and her profession: 
"I am an atlantean Mer-Priestess, reincarnated on land in South Africa this time to bring back the memory of Atlantis and help Earth evolve into higher light consciousness!

I've ALWAYS loved Mermaids, since I can remember. The Little Mermaid happened to be the first movie I saw in cinema. I don't remember that, but I remember a time long before this one when I had a real tail, and I believe that movie was my trigger. 

Two years ago I was browsing Mermaid pics online, as one does, and I came across the most beautiful picture of a real-life Mermaid! It was Hannah Mermaid - such an inspiration to me that Goddess. And that's when I knew, this is it! I have to do this... 

And I made it my mission. Or remembered my mission rather. I put all my energy into this tail. Her name is Tiamat - a sumerian Sea-Dragon Goddess - the embodiment of chaos and mother of the first gods.

Because it was a first for everyone involved in this project, it took a year and a half from conception to the day my dream came true. There was so many obstacles, challenges and disappointments, BUT I didn't stop believing for one second that this was going to happen, and now I am super proud to call myself South Africa's first Professional Mermaid."

Enjoy the positive side of life!
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