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Stunning photos where red is the dominating color.

A collection of stunning photos and videos about the beauty of powder dancing!

Klaus Enrique Gerdes is a photographer from New York who got inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (16th century painter) and created a series of amazing recreations of paintings made entirely with fruits, vegetables and flowers!

Rich McCor is a Londoner creative photographer who uses cut-outs to transform well known landmarks! You can find more of his photos at his Instragram profile.

Photos that will travel you into a magical world of beautiful colors!

John Poppleton, a creative artist located in Utah, USA, is a UV ''Black Light'' body painter specializing in scenes from nature as well as outer space. Using paint brushes, airbrush and fluorescent materials the scenes are painted directly on the model's skin and photographed under black light. You can find more at his official website.

Dennis Calvert is one of the more creative light-painting photographers. He uses glow sticks and the right exposure on his camera to create amazing light painting photos. You can see more at his official website.

This amazing photographer from Iran creates impressive surrealistic photo series using photo manipulation and his endless imagination!

Gaby Herbstein is a very creative photographer and visual artist living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can view some great samples of her work below.

This unique Hungarian artists created a series of amazing works of art! Negative portrait photographs in a black background, with fillings of Cosmic Color Palette in certain parts of the silhouettes, like the hair! You can find more about this artist at his Instagram profile.

Rhiannon Logsdon is a family, wedding and child photographer located in Austin, Texas, USA. Watching her photos is like travelling to a fairytale! Find more at her Fan page.

Tom Hussey is an awesome lifestyle photographer. In his project "Reflections" he portrays old people looking at their younger reflection in the mirror. Find more photos and info at his official website.

Jake Olson is an award-winning professional photographer and graphic artist from Nebraska. His photos are awesome. You can find more at his Fan page.

Photographer Thomas Barbéy uses his unique, artistic eye to see the world slightly differently than the rest of us. Find more at his Fan page.

Images that will travel you into different worlds!

Wonderful mushroom photos by ten passionate photographers from Northern Greece!

TopKat Photography from New Zealand amazed us with their beautiful and sensitive photos of babies! Find out more at

Amazingly talented photographers use light to ''paint'' great images!

A series of awesome photos of our galaxy!

This artist from Poland is one of the best aerial photographers in the world. Take a look at his works below to see for yourself! You can find more at his official website.